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Who we are as a company, our process for working with new clients, and some FAQs.

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Our company

Small but mighty.

We’re tired of seeing great companies let down by overpriced, overcomplicated and mediocre web applications.

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What makes us different

We believe that great web applications should be simple, pragmatic, and of the highest quality.

Our approach involves understanding how your business works and what you need, and the building solutions that address those needs directly.

We stand by this approach so strongly that if we don’t think we can deliver you a great return on your investment, we’ll tell you directly and explain in detail why we don’t think we're the best option for your business.

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Who’s Mike Carter?

BitBrawn is a small company that has grown out of a solo development consultancy.

Most of our historical work was completed solely by Mike Carter, a developer and competent technical leader with over 15 years experience in the industry.

Mike has worked in both small and large technology teams, and has led the digtal transformation of multiple fast-growing businesses. He likes to remain hands-on with code though, building great software that best serves the needs of his clients.

Our process

Whether you need a something new, you’ve been burnt before, or you just don’t know where to start, we have plenty of experience in how to help.

What is web application development?

Business understanding

Whether an internal process needs automating or it's a full digital product, our expertly crafted web apps deliver a return on investment.

We start with an understanding of how you operate. We’ll talk to you to understand who your customers are, how you serve them, and how your organisation works. This helps us to speak your language, and avoid incorrect assumptions about how best to help you later on.

Problem definition

Next, we define clearly the problems we’re trying to solve. It’s normal for businesses to have a lot of problems we could help with. We’ll work with you to identify the most important ones.

This gives everyone clear goals, and helps to prevent us from losing sight of our objective when development starts.

Development plan

We produce development plan that’s tailored to the needs of your business. This will include a detailed breakdown of the work involved, recommended technologies, and a suggested approach.

We’ll also include a quote for us to complete this for you. At this stage, you can decide whether to continue with us for development, or take your plan elsewhere.

Web application development

We’ll work on your web application, keeping you updated and involved as we go.

We’re agile, giving continual updates and demos as features are complete, and re-checking our work is solving your problems. This prevents nasty surprises and missed targets at the end of the project, and allows us to adapt to changing circumstances along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs.

If you've got a question, there's a good chance we've already covered it below.

What languages do you use?

We primarily work with JavaScript, Ruby and their popular frameworks (React, Express, Rails, etc). Naturally our HTML and CSS are strong too.

Can you charge a fixed price?

Yes. We prefer to charge a fixed price for projects, because our clients prefer certainty. We usually invoice on a 50% up-front, 50% prior to go-live basis.

What’s your day rate?

Where a fixed cost is not practical or desired, we charge a rate of £800 per day, with up to a 25% discount for long-term engagements.

Do you offer support?

Our work comes with 30 days of complimentary bug fixes and support from the point it goes live. Outside of this, support can be negotiated on a per-engagement basis.

Will you work with our team?

Yes, we love to work with other developers. Collaboration is great for quality software, it allows us to share best practices your business can benefit from after we’re gone.

What if our plans change?

In the event of a change of plans, we can negotiate something new or cancel the project completely. Cancellations will mean no deliverables from us, and no 50% final payment for you.

Will you come to our offices?

Within reason, yes. We primarily work remotely, but we're happy to be with you in-person when it makes sense to do so. This can be factored into the scope of your project, or billed for at an hourly rate.

Can you scale resource?

Where necessary, we can pull in additional resource from a network of trusted associates (skilled designers, developers & project managers) to keep things running smoothly.

Do you have availability?

Yes! We have availability right now. However, we’re often booked out a few months ahead, so if you’re planning something, contact us early to avoid disappointment.